Here are my top 5 Golden Goose Saldi spinning tips:

1. Take Your Time Setting Up Your knees should be slightly bent at the full extension. Place your heel where the cleat is, and flex your foot. Your leg should align with the bike stem. While pedaling, your kneecap should hit mid forearm on the upstroke. Handle bar height is up to you. Although cyclists on the road ride with low handlebars, spinners may have them as high as they will go. Protect your back by raising the handlebars. Make sure your cleats have been attached to your shoe in a way that works with your alignment. We are all different, so have someone help you. Screw all knobs tightly. The parts that are adjustable must be secure!


2. Sit ProperlyThis is the one position that you will get used to after about six times. It's normal to feel a little discomfort down there. Soon you will learn, tilt your pelvis underneath you to place your weight on your sit bones. Press the heels of the hands into the bar to brace yourself and keep your butt planted for less friction. Squeeze the inner thighs, as if you are squeezing a spring. This action will engage the inner thighs.